Wood Types Perfect for Building Your Electric Guitar

Are you out in the market and planning to buy your new electric guitar? Whether you are part of a band or playing guitar as a hobby, it is only fitting to ensure that you are making the best purchase for your money. At the same time, you would want to check out the best wearable spy camera by iShotify to see would-be suspect to do something bad on your instrument.

When it comes to materials used in the manufacturing of an electric guitar, there are notable options that you have to watch out for.

Among these options is Mahogany. This is considered to be the best material to make the body of the guitar. However, if you are after something new and unique, then you may go after Mangium or Acacia Mangium, which is otherwise known as Hickory Wattle. This belongs under similar family as Koa. The difference is that, it is much lighter compared to mahogany and Koa. Still, it is remarkably durable compared to mahogany. Thus, you can bank on it that guitars made in such are certain to last a long time.

Also a great option you may want to look out is Ailanthus or also called as Tree of Heaven. Its weight is nearly the same with Honduran Mahogany but when talking about hardness, it is closer to hard maple.

Utilizing this material promotes sustainability on the production of electric guitars. The reason for this is fairly simple, Ailanthus is a type of tree that grows fast.

What about the Guitar Neck?

We now knew what material is perfect for the guitar’s body. But what about the neck, what material should be used for it? Basically, most guitar manufacturers opt for hard maple in building their necks as it is stiffer.

Let’s not Forget about the Fretboard

On the subject of fretboard, it is actually a subjective topic. There are people who prefer using Brazilian Rosewood while some are more inclined to those made in Indian Rosewood. Then, there are the options for Cocobolo, Ebony and Hard Maple for their fretboards. Again, it will be in your discretion what to use for the fretboard.