The Advantages of Listening to Music Before Going to Bed

For a lot of years now, I have been listening to music wherever I go. While at the office before starting to work, I always put my earphones and play my favorite playlist to get me going throughout the day. While commuting from work or from home I listen to music to avoid getting bored. Basically music has been part of my daily life.

Nowadays, I started incorporating music even before going to bed. There is nothing better and relaxing than listening to my favorite songs before going to bed. It is the only thing I need after a long tiring day, aside from lying down on my mattress from Once I started listening to music, I noticed that it really did improve my sleeping quality.

There are a lot of studies that support this claim. Music also help me sleep without waking up every now and then. That, for me is more than enough to regain my strength after a toxic day.

But wait, there is more. Research also shows that people who regularly listen to music before sleeping decreases the possibility of having anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It also helps the brain function properly.

I, myself can attest to this. Once I graduated, I immediately started to look for a job because I really want to be a working just like my mom. Then I realized that being a college is way better because once you are working, there is no escape. Since I have plenty of things to do, I even work late at night just to finish all those deliverables. There came a time when I am having trouble getting to sleep even though I feel really tired and drained. There were times when I fortunately fall asleep from what I am watching however I still tend to wake up at the middle of night, disrupting my sleeping pattern. Then one time I decided to put on some music before going to sleep. I chose relaxing music. The next day, I woke up with a big smile on my face because I knew that I probably had the