Song About Boots That Can Make You Move

When you are getting into a concert having a ‘country music’ theme, you are only going to see some things in common. It is none other than wearing of blue jeans, cowboy hats, and pair of boots. Basically, boots will never be ignored. Both the country singers and the fans are loving this kind of foot accessory.

Playlist of songs about boots

And because of the impact of music and the love for boots, there’s no wonder why there are many country songs which pertains to boots. Here is a compilation of songs and country music about boots and other types of shoes. Whatever kind it is – whether slip on boots, rubber boots or non slip boots, songs pertaining to them in general will surely be enjoyed.

Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

There are many singers who made their own rendition of this song. Loretta Lynn, Jessica Simpson, and Jewel have their unique versions for the song ‘These Boots Are Made for Walkin’. But, it was Nancy Sinatra who put this song to the lime light when it was released on 1966.

These Boots Are Made for Walking became a number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and garnered more than 62 million YouTube views for over 50 years.

Jon Pardi’s Head Over Boots

This song was aired in September 2015 which is just a crackerjack play on “head over heels”. The song ‘Head Over Boots’ was written by Pardi and one of the songwriter Luke Laird.

Randy Houser’s Boots On

During its released on February 2009, ‘Boots On’ hit the number 2 spot. As expected, this song written by Houser with his collaboration with Brandon Kinney did well. Hearing this song, fans loved to go out wearing their fave boots on. This song made Houser got his first ever Top 10 hit.

Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes

Generally speaking, this song is not all about boots. However, the song ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ became one of the most popular songs about footwear in almost every country. Carl Perkins made the famous tune in 1955, and it was the famed Elvis Presley who recorded it. The song also hit the peak spot as the first ever rock ‘n’ roll hits which made it earned a big legacy in the music industry.

Kellie Pickler’s Red High Heels

Another song in the list that is not really about boots. But, this footwear can’t be bought without thinking the song popularized by Pickler in 2006. This spunky and saucy song was the song in the debut single of the American Idol contestant. And, the ‘Red High Heels’ turned out to be Pickler’s first gold single.