Selling Music Merch!

You can have the coolest band merch on the planet, but what is the use of getting it if you can not sell it? Follow these suggestions and your own merch will soon be flying off the table very quickly!

1. Bundle Your Own Merch Together! Rather than promoting your CDs, decals, t-shirts, etc. separately, consider bundling them together for a little discount. This will result in your lovers to buy more than they could normally. For example, you can bundle JUICE WRLD clothing with some of his music albums.

2. Boost Your Merch! As you continue to be on point and have everybody’s attention, do not forget to mention that your merch. Additionally, tell people who you’re likely to be in your merch table after you get off point so that they know where to locate you.

3. Meet Your Fans in The Table! If you get off the point, enthusiasts always want to speak with you. Rather than fulfilling your fans in the front of the point, return to your own merch table. Speak with your supporters there. This raises the possibility of earning a sale. Usually, there’s a hurry to receive your gear off the stage prior to the next ring begins. Prior to going on stage, designate a couple of band members to cause the gear. This will allow a minumum of one individual in the group to go right to the merch table.

4. Let us face it: We’re nearly a cashless society. Do not lose out on revenue simply as you simply accept cash. There are a whole lot of programs out there right now that permit you to procedure credit/debit card trades through your mobile phone. Should you not have a wise phone, another choice is to simply use a notebook where wifi is available and conduct trades through a PayPal account.

5. Give Something Away at No Cost! You don’t want your free thing to cost over a couple of cents each so we’d advise handing out little decals, pens, key chains, etc., along with your group name on it.

Another fantastic choice is to publish music with a sample of your songs and hand them out free of charge.