Re-Imagining the Royal Wedding that Combined Ancestral Music for Reverence and Contemporary Tunes for Romance

Although it has been years since the spectacular matrimonial ceremony took place in Westminster Abbey in April 2011, it is a day worth remembering for millions. It would have been a dream subject for any freelance wedding photographer. Yet cameras were not allowed during the hours-long ceremony because the couple who took the wedding vows, were no less than Prince William and British commoner Catherine Elisabeth Middleton.

More popularly known as Kate Middleton, who is herself a photography buff, we can only surmise that she probably had her own yearnings to take pictures of such a grand wedding event. After all, it was at that time, the next most magnificent betrothal ceremony, since the wedding of Prince William’s parents, Prince Charles and Diana Spencer in 1981.

Actually, many more were disappointed, not just photographers, but also members of England’s elite society. The royal newlyweds invited to the wedding reception, only their inner circle of friends aside from immediate members of their family. Those who were lucky to be at the scene described the party at the “Throne Room” as magical.

After hearing a lot of ancestral and classical music during the wedding rites, the playlist during the reception was a lot different. It included six (6) songs that could very well give royal watchers, an idea about the couple’s long-period of courtship before they finally decided to tie the knot.

The Contemporary Songs that Reportedly Made the Prince William-Kate Middleton Reception, Magical

The playlist of the after-ceremony bridal party included six songs that reportedly brought the “Throne Room” down.

The first was Elton John’s “Your Song,” which award-winning UK singer Ellie Goulding sang for the newlyweds for their first dance of the night. Ellie was the excellent choice to take Sir Elton John’s place, if to render such a beautiful composition for a special couple. Besides, the song and the singer made a mark when it was chosen as the first track for the set of the 2010 John Lewis Christmas Advertisements.

The bliss on the faces of Prince William and Kate was said to have been enviable, when the opening bars of one of their favorites, “You’re the One that I Want” struck. A guest described how Prince William and Kate danced around, whilst pointing to each other as they sang to the popular Grease song originally performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Another account that stood out, was that of Ellie Goulding’s rendition of Stevie Wonder’s upbeat tune “Superstition.” The disco music was one of the bests during the late 70s funky era, and was still a hit during the party. It had most of the guests finding their way to the dance floor, including Queen Elizabeth and husband, Prince Philippe (a.k.a. Duke Of Edinburgh.)

Ellie also sang a reported favorite of the newlyweds, “Starry Eyed,” which Ellie herself composed for her 2010 debut album “Lights”. In addition, Ellie gave her rendition of a surprising choice of music included by the royal newlywed in their playlist, “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers.

In bidding farewell to their guests, the couple’s choice as last dance music was “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon. Such a cute cue for ending an evening of an unforgettable wedding celebration.