Plus Side and Downside of Music Streaming Services

The entertainment industry have seen and gone through (and still going through) major transformations because of technology. For instance, filme hd online allows people to have a glimpse of movie trailers of various movies whether from years ago or new releases. If people are able to view movie trailers, technology has also made it possible for people to stream or download movies for them to watch at anytime and anywhere.

Plus Side and Downside of Music Streaming Services

Typical business structures are becoming outdated. Now innumerable new possibilities and opportunities are replacing them. An ideal example is the very prevalent streaming services wherein millions of users log into everyday. Just like movies and TV shows, music could also be streamed and listened to wherever and whenever people want, for a very minimal monthly cost. However, to what degree are these services beneficial to both the music artists and the users?


  • Service is more practical as well as portable since music could be access at any time. Moreover, it doesn’t take so much hard drive space as you don’t need t download the songs.
  • People are given more music choice and updates on a regular basis.
  • Because of the wide diversity of music, you get to discover new music genres and music artists.
  • Users could create their own music playlist and music hits may appear via management of playlist.
  • Unauthorized downloads as well as piracy are prevented.
  • Through playlists, music is marketed and new music releases are more effectually promoted.
  • Emerging artists have a better and greater likelihood of being discovered.


  • Rights on intellectual property and use, unlike purchasing a CD or downloading music, you don’t essentially have ownership of the music or song.
  • There is a restricted right to digital reproduction.
  • Streaming services correspond to more controlled and reduced earnings for music artists.
  • They make use of ads which could interrupt your listening ever now and then.
  • Data and information of users are collected by the service.
  • There are likely subscription fees that are put out of sight.

Whichever streaming platform you prefer, they provide an extensive array of songs and music artists. However, if you would really want to really own the songs and freely discard of them, opt for legal downloads, and/or purchasing the record. Nonetheless, because of the multiplicity of streaming offers, music could be legally listened to again by millions of music fans, and although this mean less earnings for music artists, they still benefit from it, such as on premium accounts, and ads.