Other Needs Regarding Apostille

The History of Apostille 

In short, an Apostille is like a foreign notarization for a certificate. It shows that a certificate is legitimate to other countries.

The long response is that after WWII when airline travel took off, migrating become usual, the universe jointly establishes some primary norms. Plenty took place at the Hague, therefore there were lots of dissimilar Hague Conventions. Some of those conventions were named as the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, for short The Apostille Convention. And created a method for proving the originality of the documents coming from the signatory of other countries. That agreement is known as an Apostille.

Apostille Regarding Documents That Are Signatories From Countries

The Protocol provides for the disentangle certification or public as well as notarized documents that will be used in other countries that joined the agreement.

The Apostille guarantees that public documents issued in one signatory country will be identified as valid in another signatory country.

A. Admittance candidates from different countries which are signatories to the convention must fulfill the following needs:

1. Official certificates such as diplomas, transcript, etc from public music schools or other public schools and organizations must be submitted with the attachment of”Apostille”.

2. Official certificates such as transcripts, diplomas, etc from private schools or organizations, nevertheless, 1) must be officially notarized by a registrar, organization or any other authority qualified under the constitution of the country of origination of the certificates, and then, 2) must be presented with the attachment of”Apostille”

B. Candidates from other countries which are NOT underwriter to the conference and does not concede the apostille and must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Official certificates (such as transcripts, diplomas, etc.) must be decriminalized by a consular officer in Korea which issued the certificates.

2. Candidates from Korea must submit the official documents with an Authentication, such as Certificate of Authentication or Certificate of Overseas Educational Institutions) given by the Korean embassy or consulate.

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Certificates must be English or Korean. Certificates that are not English or Korean language has to be accompanied by a notarized translator.

About Apostille, and is it Legitimize?