Origin of Music

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Most probably the rhythm instruments or percussion tools included items which are useful to maintain a beat, stones struck or the clapping of hands. There are finds. A number of them are ambiguous, because they may be utilized as even a musical tool or an instrument.

The earliest instrument was the voice.

The individual voice can make several sorts of noises. Songs can be also used by some animals. Tune is used by songbirds to bring a partner or to safeguard their land. Monkeys are seen beating on logs. That can, of course, also function to defend the land. The earliest known hyoid bone together with the contemporary type has been discovered suggesting that the Neanderthals had speech since the hyoid affirms the voice box at the throat.

The music was made attempting to mimic rhythms and sounds which happened. Human music can echo these happenings with repetition patterns and tonality. Shamans imitate. It might also function as entertainment (games), or have functional applications, like bringing animals when searching.