Now Playing: The Best TikTok Songs

Music is such a true partner of video content on TikTok. However, there are songs available that seems to be older than the teen users of the app. Meanwhile, creative people behind the app are still on the move of exploring other song genres like the indie and keep on finding their spot in the music industry

The authority of the teen users over the social media makes every song genres to be launched through the app and make it to the top of the Billboard chart.

The TikTokkers’ Playlist

Below is the list of popular songs on TikTok which turned out to be an international sensation and which also made others get popular on TikTok.


Ultradiox’s Walked In

The song Walked In by Ultradiox has been set with millions of views at around 700,000 in count. Lizzo and James Charles used the song for their dance video content. In addition to that, Addison Rae also performed the dancing piece on Entertainment Tonight which garnered about 3.2 million likes.  


Queen Naija’s Medicine

The song Medicine by Queen Naija was released in 2017. Fortunately, this song by the YouTuber turned singer-songwriter arises surprisingly at about 100 million views on YouTube. And after three years, this song still penetrates the social media world through relatable memes.


Lana del Rey’s Queen of Disaster

This popular song on TikTok was just a leak and typically an unreleased one from 2013. The song Queen of Disaster became a backdrop for most TikTok videos. The trend is usually turning out oneself into a Disney princess. Yet, recently, few users were making it as a background for videos of hot mom checks.


The Teenagers’ Homecoming

Homecoming is a breaking hit of the Teenagers during the middle part of 2000. The Teenagers is a band from France which gained their fans from the TikTok industry. Their fans list includes the dancer Haley Sharpe who lip sync the song.


Don Toliver’s No Idea

Don Toliver is a rapper from Houston who made successful position on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart. Recently, his song entitled No Idea ranked at the number 43 position after three weeks penetration on the Hot 100. Millions of TikTokkers used this song for making video contents for dancing, walking, and background music for couples. It is also used for some remixes which garnered million views.