Musical accompaniment at dinner

The guests are slowly arriving, the table is set, the kitchen is sizzling, and then you notice: What kind of music should be playing with dinner?

That’s what science says about “music to eat”

The question of what music to pair with should be taken seriously, also from a scientific point of view. According to studies, musical accompaniment influences taste. Sweet and bitter should taste more intense when harmonious music is playing in the background. A piano concerto for dessert should be well received. If acid dominates the taste, high notes help the taste sensation on the jumps.

What is certain is that a good selection of music is good for pretty much any meal with several people. No one can exactly tell what kind of music is the right one for dinner. Every person has his or her preferences when it comes to music.

It must also be understood that listening can have an impact when shopping or getting some ideas in

3-point etiquette for choosing music for dinner

If you follow certain rules, your choice of music should fit. They form a kind of culinary-musical etiquette.

  • Music with your meal is generally a good idea. It is not for nothing that music is played in most restaurants, although in many cases one can argue about the selection. The correct music creates a pleasant atmosphere and also ensures that it does not matter too much if nobody is talking at the table. And of course, it can become a topic of conversation itself.
  • Take it easy. The focus should be on the food and the conversation, not the music. Throbbing bass tends to distract rather than create a pleasant atmosphere. The fine art is that the music selection is reduced but not arbitrary.
  • Singing can also be a distraction. This is why ambient and other electronic music genres, as well as instrumental jazz, are so popular in restaurants.

The most important things

  • Music not only influences the mood when eating but also your taste.
  • Ideally, the accompanying music should create a comfortable atmosphere without being too distracting from the food.
  • Ambient music and catchy jazz have proven their worth as background music for meals.