Music, Still the Most Effective Tool Used by Parenting Grandparents

Every grandparent looks forward to having grandchildren since building relationships with them as they develop and grow is part of one’s fulfillments in life.

Why Parenting Grandparent Consider Music as the Most Effective Tool

Bonding experiences with a grandchild bring an indescribable kind of joy, especially when singing and teaching their own childhood songs to get a child’s attention.Mainly because it’s always a heartwarming experience to win an innocent’s affection. As children grow older and develop other interests in the things around them, sharing ancestral songs that have stories to tell is another gratifying way of caring for a grandchild. Doing so connects a child to his or her heritage and background since they get to learn about their ancestral history and culture.

Making music whether by singing some alphabet, counting or color songs, gospel songs, holiday tunes, or folk music about farmers, school marms, policemen, the milkman, the postman and similar other melodies, is a way grandparents and children create beautiful memories together.

When stumped on what songs to sing as lullabies, some instinctively resort to the folk approach, by changing lyrics of their favorite childhood songs. Some examples include mentioning their grandchild’s name, a child’s lovable features and amusing antics or anything to make the song special for a grandchild.

However, music cannot change the fact that grandparents are older adults. On the other hand, we as their children, tend to expect too much from them. While it would have been our turn to take care of them in their old age, we became too engrossed with our personal issues and roles as providers.

Study Show How Parenting as Grandparents Affects Seniors

In a study conducted by New York’s Northwell Health, researchers found out how parenting among grandparents poses as an additional cause of stress for seniors.

The study revealed that nearly one-third of grandparents reported having a medical problem that affected their ability to properly take care of a grandchild. After all, seniors tend to develop muscle weakness, arthritis, rheumatism and other old age ailments that make it difficult for them to bend and hunch over, and much less, carry heavy loads.

Of the grandparents surveyed, 71% indicated that because of their parenting responsibilities they had to limit time spent interacting and socializing with friends. About one-third of the respondents disclosed that as older couples, raising their grandchild tend to strain their relationship.

Although some seniors volunteered to take on the job of parenting their grandchildren, 40.3% admitted that doing so had affected their emotional health, while 32.4% said parenting took a toll on their physical health as well.

Highlighting the Need to Provide Parenting Grandparents with Additional Support

The study highlights an aspect where older adults need additional support not only from their children but from the community as well.

Some seniors are inclined not to admit or show that they are encountering difficulties, as they consider parenting grandchildren a better choice, over facing loneliness by living alone. In some cases, grandparents have no choice at all, due to economic reasons; or other circumstances like when the parents of a grandchild become estranged, get divorced or become involved with another partner.

While we mention grandparents in general, grandmothers are often the most affected since they possess the experience and smartness when it comes to child care and in raising children.

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