Music Plays An Important Part In Game Design

Composing music for digital games (such as Valorant) is particularly important, but also an extremely difficult task. The rapidly advancing development in the games sector ensured that the productions are now in no way inferior in quality and effort to the film industry. The music in video and computer games is more than just a small relative or an imitation of film music. On the contrary: in games in which it is no more than that, its great potential is actually given away. The requirements for composers have of course increased considerably in parallel.

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Artistic-creative perspective on video game music

Since the publication of Nolan Bushnell’s Pong (Atari, 1972), the sound reproduction options of hardware and software have also developed in parallel. In this way, a sequence of individual tones finally turned into midi compositions, samples of real instruments, and ultimately music compositions played by orchestras. Today, further development takes place on a content level. Seen in this way, music compositions in the world of digital games can also be viewed better from an artistic-creative point of view and detached from pure technology.

Music as a central part of game design

The importance of music in digital games is extremely high today. It is clearly a central part of game design. So good graphics alone are no longer enough to satisfy the gaming community. Fans expect the music to be as high quality and effective as the perceived images. Music stays in your head when you are no longer sitting in front of the monitor and playing. It creates the mood and always reminds one of the virtually experienced adventures and stories. Everyone who has played Final Fantasy VI will surely remember the now legendary opera scene, which has really created an impressive atmosphere compared to the sound-technical possibilities of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

In the games of the GTA series, thanks to the diverse radio stations in the game, an individual soundtrack from licensed music can be played, which makes it even more fun to race through the virtual cities. Not only is the Tetris tune recognized by everyone today, but the title tune of Monkey Island also remains in the mind of gamers to this day and is reinterpreted by fans to this day. Soundtracks from video games today sell at least partially as well as film music. Concerts in which video game music is performed are increasingly providing young audiences in the country’s concert halls. There are YouTube stars who are known for their interpretations of well-known game music classics.