Music and Tennis: A Perfect Match

Music can generally affect both the body and the mind. It can relax and helps people to manage stress. Meanwhile, playing sport like tennis with music around helps players to eliminate the nerves during the game.

It is such a great match when music and sport combine. As Micheline Ostermeyer, an Olympic champion and pianist says,

“What makes a real artist are similarly like with those qualities that creates a real athlete.”

According to Ostermeyer, engaging into sport relaxes her whereas playing piano makes her always in motion. It seems that music and sport are distinct fields. But Ostermeyer proved that these two areas are more likely similar.

Music and sport cater excellent benefits to players. Both of these enhance physical well-being and overall wellness of a person. Based on research having sport training with incorporation of music may boosts the player’s coordination and skills. Basically, listening to music everyday makes it to become part of the daily life.

Like tennis, as long as you come to play it often, it become a part of one’s daily living. The nerves will also fades away slowly. Moreover, the serves and smashes using the best tennis racquets in town may help to boosts one’s confidence in playing. Through this, the mind and the body relaxes as well.

Benefits of music to athletes:

Below are some of the benefits that an athletic person may able to get from listening to music.

• Help athletes to become motivated in playing
• Encourage to engage in exercising activities and to work in extended time to address failure
• Improve strategies and coordination of the kinetic pattern
• Influence a more positive talk and flow state
• Generally affect the heart rate of person

Music and sport combination

It is nice to know that an individual who tends to be familiar with music and always participate in sport at the same time may develop skills in physical and cognitive aspects. This learning will result to successful learning process and a great career in the future in both fields. Thus, even in an early age, it is advisable to engage in music and sport as these both gives a well-balanced life and overall being of an individual.