Mountain Sounds Festival: Would it be cancelled or not?

Industry whispers have indicated that the resale of the next week’s Mountain Appears Festival is impending.

Sources have advised the press that deficient ticket sales, police and emergency services costs are the reasons of the cancellation.

Mountain Sounds was set to occur a week and boasts their lineup. The press knew that that the cancellation will be announced on March 9. Also, the press has reached Mountain Sounds’ group for their comment.

They also announced that they will limit the number of stage to be installed at the festival for the sake of  licensing and security costs.

In a statement published, Mountain Sounds Festival said that they had to look at steps throughout the board to keep on moving ahead with the occasion, while keeping the maximum security standards and ensuring that the standard of the festival experience for both artists and patrons are not compromised. But as a result of present increased stress around safety, security and licensing, they have been required to alter the site, infrastructure and staging in order for the event to continue.


“We’ve been working for weeks to attempt to confirm the event goes forward as planned. However, we’ve seen unprecedented resistance to this event from law enforcement and the authorities,” said Great Matters’ general manager.

Their manager said also that the customers’ experience will be affected. They have needed to create the very tough choice to reverse the occasion to over 18’s just to prevent Under 18’s been made to watch circles supporting a 2.5 m high diamond fence.

This was followed as boutique festival was reported by Stoney Roads Bohemian Beatfreaks was hit to get around 85 officers. In preceding years, just $18,000 was billed for police presence in music festivals.

In his correspondence, issues have been outlined by him in the authorities, such as music financial and cultural contributions to regional NSW, along with the ventures with both all organisers councils and the local neighborhood which were created.

The new licensing laws for festivals were declared on February 15. The laws are a consequence of a meeting which happened with industry leaders, Gambling & Liquor New South Wales along with the government bureau that offers compliance, licencing and enforcement.

This meeting resulted that festivals might need to abide to the given standards in order for their event to be approved.

Festival organisers will probably be asked to make an application for a liquor permit that is particular, in precisely exactly the exact identical vein as nightclubs and bars, for every audio festival they sponsor. Each program will have to be accepted by a panel comprised in NSW health, police, ambulance and NSW Gambling and Liquor prior to a license could be issued.

In an announcement issued in the moment, the ministry shared, “Festival organisers need to make sure their events match high security standards. Occasions with a bad history and increased danger will confront increased supervision from governments.”

The new licensing strategy is not yet been finalised but at the steps are set up. Included in these are free water stations to make sure that travellers are hydrated. Also, staged with paramedics and physicians for medical purposes.

Despite of the issue, Mountain Sounds has no official statement regading the situation.