Listening To Piano Music is Like Going to a Children’s Camp

Enjoying Piano Music While Lying Down:

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“It’s like we go to a children’s camp”

It was like a slumber party at theater ‘De Verwachting’ in Ritthem. Thirty visitors were lying on their own mat with TMJ Pillow for an hour and using and a half before pampus listening to piano music by Jeroen van Veen.

During this so-called reclining concert, the intention is for the reclining concert guests to find their inner peace. “Some people completely forget about time, so it also affects your consciousness. In today’s fast paced society, we have lost a little grip on time because we can do five or six things at once and still concentrate on everything. And this kind of thing concerts and the whole experience of lying down must ensure peace and relaxation, “says Van Veen.

Ritthem is Introduced To a Recital Concert

There were also a couple of seats in the back of the room for those who preferred to sit. “I don’t like lying down because then I am afraid that my breathing will become too heavy, so I cannot hear the music”, says Willem Abbink. “I am a bit tired already and I slept badly so I would rather not take a chance to lie down,” adds Els .

It is like going to camp, but with adults and classical music. ”
Nel van Maldegem, lying concert guest

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When the piano playing ended, Van Veen received a big applause. “I was even moved by the music, it was incredibly beautiful,” says Nel van Maldegem. There was just no snoring in the hall, but the visitors were completely zen during the concert. “I told my girlfriend it’s just like we’re going to a children’s camp because everyone was walking around with mats and sleeping bags, but then with adults and classical music,” says Van Maldegem.