How to Get more Instagram Followers?

Many will agree that Instagram or sometimes simply called as IG becomes among the effective and top platforms for sharing content and even promoting music. This is why it is not really surprising that many opt to buy Instagram followers to give their page a boost. The thing is, buying Instagram followers or constantly posting your activities online will not cut.

There are other important points that should be considered too and that is what we will be discussing in the next lines.

Give Varieties to Your Content

It is nice seeing you or other band members in different poses. But this isn’t the case at all times. People or your fans would like to know other stuff too that make your band as one. Things similar to jamming sessions and writing songs, busking on street corner, gig photos, band rehearsals or even giving them an insight to your personal life like organizing your music stuff, being stuck in the traffic and so forth.

Posting video clips of your recording, warm-ups, funny outtakes, creating jingles for fans and the likes will all help in engaging your fans to your site.

Hashtag Your Posts

In IG, hashtags works like a keyword in a search engine. It makes it simpler and straightforward for any interested individual to see posts or topics they want to see. Always take advantage of relevant hashtags to posts you make.

therwise, you might come off as if you are seeking attention and desperate for followers. With this in mind, make it a point to use and pick your hashtags smartly. Preferably, 11 hashtags in a post will do.

Engage with followers

Being able to have a strong presence in IG is not simply about using relevant hashtags and posting on a regular basis. Also, you have to learn how to effectively engage with your followers by means of getting feedback or asking questions. Keep in mind that you have to give comments and likes too.

Commit yourself to making interaction with certain number of people per day, say like 5 or 15. When the followers of your followers have seen that you are commenting or liking, they’ll be more inclined in checking you out and might even be new fans too. Remember, try to be personable and fun and avoid making it as if you are promoting.