Effects of music: Amazing facts

Music is puzzling. By far, not all questions about the relationship between music and feelings have been answered so far. Therefore, it is currently an extremely popular research area that occupies psychologists, ethnologists, social scientists, medical professionals, and neurologists. New studies are emerging every day, laboratory experiments, brain scans, and long-term observations are carried out in order to unravel the secret of sounds. People who want to download music videos are online YouTube downloader.

Some of the most amazing facts on the effects of music

Certain music influences behavior

When you hear a French chanson in the supermarket, you tend to grab wine instead of beer in the beverage department. If your favorite song is playing in a bar, it encourages you to speak to the crush at the bar. Loud music also tempts you to order more drinks and drink faster.

When jogging or doing a fitness workout, music drives you through stimulating emotions

You last longer, partly because sport with music in the ear is perceived as less stressful. Songs with 120 to 140 beats per minute are beneficial. If the athletes move with the rhythm, they even increase their performance.

Medical professionals are increasingly discovering the potential of music for patients with dementia, tinnitus, depression, and chronic pain

People with dementia who do not even remember their age can amazingly recognize songs from their youth. In the context of pain therapy or psychotherapy, the effects of music can also be used – stress hormones, pain perception, and feelings of fear can be reduced. Patients exposed to music during and after an operation need less anesthetics and feel less pain after the operation.

Musical pieces are sometimes as exciting as a thriller

Film musicians in particular make use of the entire range of tension arcs, storylines, cliffhangers, and other narrative media. When listening, the brain assumes an expectation. An unexpected rapid change of rhythm or rising beat, dissonant violin squeaking, and other shrill tones cause you fear and discomfort.

Premature babies can relax with songs being sung

It is not for nothing that lullabies have been lulling small children into slumber around the world for centuries.

Music enriches emotional life

With the help of music, anyone who is otherwise not religious or who practices meditation will experience spiritual and transcendent feelings.