Digital Ancestral Music : The Growth Potential of the Traditional Music Niche

Digital recordings of ancestral music has made it possible for new generations of song keepers to share their traditional music throughout the world. There is a growing market for indiingneous music, ever since digital communications technology enabled modern song keepers to independently record music handed down to them by their forebears.

A Recent Cultural Study Indicates Potential Growth of the Traditional Musicl Niche

In a recent study conducted by Culture Track, among the key findings gathered during the lockdown period, is that online cultural activities were mostly on consumption of digital content in the “Individual Performer, Artist, Band, or Ensemble.” category. Those looking for cultural enlightenment preferred listening to tracks and viewing digital video recordings over visiting online museums.

According to the Culture Track survey, about six percent (6%) of the 124,000 respondents said they became interested in digital cultural activities through participations in art activism or social justice organizations. The takeaway from that particular findings is that the audience of digital cultural music has the potential to grow further, since protest movements among African Americans and other minority groups continue to surge.

Although at present, the number may seem relatively small, the information is a source of encouragement for those who produce ancestral music as digital products. While there used to be doubts among producers of ancestral music who embarked on projects to promote and sell their digital recordings, the study indicated there is a growing audience for traditional music.

Still, just like any other digitally produced music track, such projects should be backed with effective marketing support. One of the advantages of selling a product that comes in digital form is that they can be monetized by way of downloads via related distribution platforms. Aside from being less costly to create, digital products are easier to manage and market independently.

Ways of Purposefully Promoting Ancestral Digital Music

When embarking on a venture to sell ancestral music as a digital product, one’s management and marketing must be done purposefully. Getting discovered in music distribution platforms like Spotify is the conventional approach to selling digital music.Promoting tracks in social media sites like Tik Tok, Twitch or Reddit Music, are also helpful in drawing attention to one’s digital products.

Yet all these approaches can work better if you harness technology that will put your digital ancestral music in front of your target audience. The digital marketing platforms that do this are those that provide an online selling system supported by sales funnel software. In case you are not familiar with how sales funnels work, watch the video below:

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