Complementing The Top 25 Cigars With Music

There are numerous cigars available in the market today, from machine-made cigars to premium hand-rolled cigars. For those just getting started, it could be overwhelming to choose a cigar that will suit your taste. But for experienced cigar aficionados who knows their stuff, they could easily pinpoint which cigar matches their taste and style.

The Top 25 Cigars

If you want to learn more of the best cigars, provides a list the top 25 cigars from across the globe. Their list includes merely the best tasting cigars which you could purchase from a local cigar shop in the or from an online shop. Several of the cigars are very famous and renowned brands, whereas others aren’t that known but still are considered one of the best brands.

Once you have found your choice of cigar, you are sure to have a good cigar smoking experience. But, to improve this experience, look for the best drink that would complement your cigar. And to make it even better, pair your cigar and drink with the right music.

Enriching Your Cigar Experience With Music

Although it seems like an unlikely pair, music could complement your cigar smoking experience and could be an experience that is enriching. Listening to music as you relax and chill while smoking a cigar is something that isn’t actually new. We frequently select a background music that go with other mood as we take a breather, loosen up and chill out with a good tasting cigar.

Typically, when making cigar pairings, our sense of touch, smell, taste and sight are stimulated. But when supplementing the cigar pairing with music, all five of ours senses, which now includes our hearing, are stimulated. This greatly contributes and influences our mood as well as could intensify the feelings presented by an incredible cigar. Hence, when completing your cigar smoking experience with great music, this is better depicted as sensory enrichment instead of a pairing. Regardless, listening to music while you smoke your cigar will definitely improve your overall cigar experience.

So, the next time you pair your favorite drink or meal with your favorite cigar, add in some excellent background music to complete the experience and stimulate all your senses.