Australia’s Musicians With A Beard

What sounds funny at first is by no means meant ironically in the case of the Australian rock band “The Beards”. Since “The Beards” made their first appearances in front of an audience about ten years ago in a pub in Adelaide, they have blossomed into a group with a worldwide fan base.

So if you are one of those who want to grow their beard in no time by using Accelerate Beard Growth (Bartwuchs beschleunigen), then you can relate to this.

“For us, there is no other topic that is worth singing about,” says the spokesman for the group, whose members, according to Wikipedia, almost all have names that contain the word “Beard”. But the four musicians not only correspond to the band name in spelling, but they all also have more or less long hair on their faces and heads.

And even though they were nominated for song of the year in Australia in 2012 with their song “You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man”, they have their biggest fans in Europe, especially in Germany. When they toured German clubs in the spring, they proudly announced on their Facebook page: “Our show in Frankfurt this evening is officially sold out. Nice work, Frankfurt, it seems that you really like beards. ”

The Beards – You should consider having sex with a bearded man

After a concert in Glasgow, Scotland, one reviewer noted: “In the end, it may all be just a weird number, but it’s one of the most entertaining and well-performed gags I’ve seen with my own eyes.” Nathaniel Beard suspects the band is just celebrating a kind of comedy, decided back. “For us, beards are not gags. If no one but us had a beard and no one showed up at our concerts, we would still be doing exactly the same thing – wearing beards and writing songs about beards and how great it is to have a beard. ”He would rather die than beardless to be, says the musician.

In fact, the rock band has stayed true to its theme over the years. When their fourth album is out soon, it will be simply titled “The Beard Album”. And as on the previous albums, listeners can expect exactly what the name promises.