Adele Might Complete Your 2020 With A Musical Treat Via New Album

It is very unfortunate that the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the people from enjoying fresh new tracks as the situation makes it hard for our favorite artists to do more musical projects like albums. However, this did not stop some of the biggest pop icons of this generation to release their latest albums amid this modern-day plague. As of today, the female singing superstars who had successful new album unveiling are  Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and just recently, Ariana Grande. Many fans were just caught by surprise when their idols suddenly informed the world about their upcoming album.

If this trend about artists pulling off a surprise in 2020 with a new album, then you can expect that another female superstar is set to surprise us with her latest album. This talented and multi-awarded singer to surprise us is no other than Adele, and it turns out she has her new gang with her to bring a new round to her upcoming song list.

It is said that she had a lot going on in her personal life over the past year, and it can be a safe bet that Adele’s new songs will be based on her latest successes and heartbreaks, specifically her recent parting with her husband for many years.

Will Adele Finally Announce Her Next Album Before The Year Ends?

Before the last decade wrapped up, there is this big news that Adele will release her next album in December 2019. Fast forward to this point in time, no such album is available. However, it appears Adele needs more time to work with talented actors for a big record.

From the final release of 2019, Adele’s new album is expected to be released sometime in September. It is not clear if the temporary release date of this album will change, although some people hope that the pandemic will have some effect on the schedule. The album may be more likely to be delayed by a few months, but it is still within the 2020 timeframe, not including the Pulsklokke test.

Her recent stint in Saturday Night Live could also be an indication that Adele is starting to make her presence felt once again in the entertainment stage. One of these days, you might just be surprised to see Adele posting about her upcoming album. After years of experience in songwriting, perhaps even joining a bunch of songwriting contests, it is no wonder why Adele finds it so easy to write songs that each one of us can really connect to.

Rumors also say that Adele has collaborated with well-known music producers and artists, especially John Legend and Raphael Saadiq. While fans can expect a different sound in the upcoming album, they can still expect both Adele’s heart and soul, especially as the singer can express her emotions after the divorce.